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Welcome to the Pogo Boards iPad/iPod/iPhone App!

The Pogo Boards App is an AAC communication solution designed for children and adults with difficulty speaking. The Pogo Boards App is FREE for all Pogo Boards subscribers…check out our budget-friendly rates! You can access your boards on up to 3 iPads/iPods/iPhones per user!

Get started in 3 EASY steps:

  1. Simply download the Pogo Boards App from the App Store.
  2. Use your PogoBoards.com username and password to login.
  3. You are up and running!  You can access your own boards and all of the Global boards!

Pogo Boards is EASY to use and it’s perfect for individuals with autism, stroke, apraxia, brain injury, developmental disabilities or anyone else who has difficulty with expressive communication. It’s also a great resource for speech therapists, teachers, families, support staff, special educators or ESL teachers.

Here are some FAQs to help get you started.....

Q:  I’ve downloaded the Pogo Boards App – now what do I do?
A:  Set up a free trial account at www.PogoBoards.com.  You’ll be able to test drive our online Pogo Boards application as well as run the Pogo Boards App on up to 3 different iPads/iPods/iPhones.

Q: What’s my username and password?
A:  Once you’ve setup a Pogo Boards account at www.PogoBoards.com – you’ll use your same username and password to log into the App on your iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Q: My boards look AWESOME on the Pogo Boards App!  But, do I have to be connected to the internet to use them?
A:  No!  Simply tap the “Download board(s)” button located in the settings of your Pogo Boards App.  Voila!  Now you can use your boards anytime, anywhere!

Q: How many different boards can I download with the Pogo Boards App?
A: There’s no limit, download as many as you wish!

Q: I love the Pogo Boards App and all the different communication boards that are available – can I make my own?
A: Absolutely! Just log into your account on www.PogoBoards.com and starting making your boards.

Q: I’ve made some of my own boards on www.PogoBoards.com  – how do I get them on my iPad/iPod/iPhone?
A: It’s like magic! The next time you log into your iPad/iPod/iPhone – they’ll be there! New boards typically appear within less than a minute, however depending on your internet connection, it may take up to 10 or so minutes for them to appear.

Q: How much does the Pogo Boards App cost?
A: The Pogo Boards App itself is free. Your access to the Pogo Boards App is part of your subscription to Pogo Boards.  Check out our budget-friendly rates!

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