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Talk To Me Technologies, LLC develops, matches and delivers solutions for people with complex communication needs.

The staff at Talk to Me Technologies includes Speech-Language Pathologists and Augmentative Communication Consultants, who have dozens of years of experience, specializing in the full spectrum of low-tech through high-tech augmentative communication technology and the clients who benefit from them, from evaluation through implementation.

The clients served by our staff include people of all ages and levels of need, including people battling strokes, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), brain injuries, autism and many other developmental disabilities.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists and Augmentative Communication Consultants have presented extensively -- both locally and nationally -- on various topics related to AAC.  Some of the facilities and conferences that we have presented to include: 
Mayo Hospitals and Clinics, Marquette University, Closing the Gap, ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association), and various state speech and assistive technology conferences.

Our staff's extensive work
has involved experiences on both sides of the fence in terms of AAC:  working exclusively for a single AAC device manufacturer as well as the experience of working for non-profits, such as United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCP), Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)Munroe-Meyer Institute of Genetics and Rehabilitation, Marquette University, University of Wisconsin’s (Madison) Communication Aids and Systems Clinic (C.A.S.C.) and state level educational-assistive technology programs; where in each of these settings a range of AAC solutions were evaluated and implemented.

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