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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Pogo Boards?
Pogo Boards is the world’s first all-in-one, full-featured, web-based solution for creating boards and learning materials.
2) Do I need to purchase any other software or player programs to use Pogo Boards?
3) Do I need any other software to use Pogo Boards?
4) Is Pogo Boards Mac and PC compatible?
5) Is Pogo Boards easy to use?
6) Who uses Pogo Boards?
7) I just reviewed the pricing for Pogo Boards and it sounds fantastic! Is it really that inexpensive?
8) Is the answer to # 7 really correct?
9) Can I share what I create on Pogo Boards with other colleagues, co-workers and/or families?
10) Where do people share what they have created on Pogo Boards?
11) How can I find what I am looking for on Pogo Boards within the Global Community folders?
12) Can I modify and customize things that others have shared in the Global Community folders?
13) Who was the first customer with Pogo Boards?
14) What picture symbol libraries are available with Pogo Boards?
15) How did you come up with the symbol libraries available on Pogo Boards?
16) What are the differences between a free account and a subscription to Pogo Boards?
17) Are there communication device templates to select from within Pogo Boards?
18) What if I need a communication device template that isn't there?
19) Can I use Google to search for images on Pogo Boards?
20) Is there a charge for addendum libraries as new symbols become available?
21) I am looking for a particular symbol on Pogo Boards and cannot find it. Can I make a request?
22) Can Pogo Boards be used for individuals of all ages?
23) Can I email communication boards and materials to others? Do they need anything special to open it?
24) How about copyrights?

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