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Welcome to the NEXT GENERATION of communication board and learning material applications! 
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Pogo Boards is an amazing, all-in-one, full-featured, robust, web-based, solution for creating boards, which features the following characteristics:

 Extremely EASY to use and understand! 

 Speech output with 42 different, high quality, text-to-speech voices.

 Includes access to millions of images through an intuitive, integrated Google® image search, plus thousands of unique, custom symbols with SymbolStix© and the new PiCS© symbol system.

 Mac AND PC compatible.

 Available for a single user and multiple users. 

 Use it ANYWHERE with no need to keep track of discs, releases of upgrades or paying for costly symbol addendums

 Provides you with the ability to EASILY share boards online either within your own private community or the global community of all users. 

 SIMPLE to learn and very intuitive with a familiar Microsoft®-like interface.




Thank You!
We would like to offer many sincere thanks to our previewers and beta test groups, who provided valuable feedback, including:

Sam Chwat
Speech/Language Pathologist, Speech Therapist to the Stars, New York Speech Improvement Services

Nancy Inman
Speech/Language Pathologist, Assistive Technology Practitioner, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Ken Bleile
Speech/Language Pathologist, University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Susan Fager
Speech/Language Pathologist, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, Lincoln, NE

Linda J. Burkhart 
Simplified Technology, Eldersburg, Maryland

Dr. Kathy Garrett 
Speech/Language Pathologist, Alternative Communication Therapies, LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Doug Whitman

Occupational Therapist, United Cerebral Palsy, New York City

Dr. Pam Mathy
Speech/Language Pathologist, Director of Autism Research, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland

Dr. Gary Cumley
Speech/Language Pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Dr. Elizabeth Hanson
Speech/Language Pathologist, University of South Dakota

Julie Gamradt
Speech/Language Pathologist, Communication Aids and Systems Clinic, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jamie Murray-Branch
Speech/Language Pathologist, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Joanne Lasker
Speech/Language Pathologist, Florida State University

Kelly Fonner
Assistive Technology Consultant

Blair Panhorst
Speech/Language Pathologist, Communication Aids and Systems Clinic, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dan Herlihy
Assistive Technology Consultant, Connective Technology Solutions       

Dr. Diane Bryen
Professor Emerita, Temple University; Former Executive Director of  the Institute on Disabilities, Pennsylvania's University Center for Excellence in Disabilities

Dr. Suzanne Freedman
Developmental Psychologist, University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Dennis Dunning
Speech/Language Pathologist, Visiting Nurses Association

Jill Gierach
Assistive Technology Practitioner, Director of Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)

Judi Cumley
Assistive Technology Practitioner, Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative (WATI)

Kelly Meadows
Assistive Technology Practitioner, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, Maryland

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